jan Samosi

This is the online™️ home of an autistic english-speaking youngster tokiponist artest writer located in the northern hemisphere, who is a hipster specfifcally on the topic of punctuation.

I plan* on using this for a probably-going-to-be-terrible psudostory (the exact definition of that word is up to you). Also i'm writing this with notepad so i'm going to have inconsistently terrible spelling (i'm also not using CSS at all).

I'm not cool enough to be in a webring
list of hyperfixations

*This will probably never happen, this is just my homepage rn**.


m' badg

<a href="https://jansamosi.ichi.city/"><img src="https://jansamosi.ichi.city/badg.png" alt="samosi badg"></a>

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other badg

behold! chiitopia! sanwisi badg